Top Toolbar

Top Toolbar contains Command / Tab Menu / Stage area.


Command Area consists of project-level features.

  • Build Button : Generate HTML & CSS & JS files based on IU Project.
  • Server Stop Button : Stop the local host server.
  • Select Build-Type Button : Select Build-Type to Build. (HTML or Django)
  • Design / Develop / Prototype : Select Design Mode, Develop Mode or Prototype Mode .

Tab Menu

Tab Menu area consists of 6 tabs - Style/ Property/ Text/ Transform/ Mouse-Over/ and Link.

  • Style Tab : In Style Tab, you can modify Radius / Border / Background-Image / Box-Shadow / Opacity.
  • Property Tab : In Property Tab, you can set & change properties of each widget. Each widget has individual property options.
  • Text Tab : In Text Tab, you can modify Font-family / Font-size / Font-weight (thickness) / Font-color / Line-height / Heading / Font-alignment.
  • Transform Tab : In Transform Tab, you can modify Rotation property.
  • Mouse-Over Tab : In Mouse-Over Tab, you can add Mouse-Over actions to each widget. (e.g. BG-color, Text-color, X-position, Y-position, width, height, BG-image position, …)
  • Link Tab : In Link Tab, you can add Hyperlink to a certain widget.


  • Tracing : Add virtual background image into your canvas, so that you can create design quickly.
  • Page Setting : Modify current page’s Page Width and Media Query.
  • Zoom : Apply Zoom-In / Zoom-Out to IUEditor’s canvas.